"It takes a special person to interact with the kids online and engage them. All the teachers I have met have truly succeeded with that." - Parent

Prairie Land Online Academy 2023-2024 Registrations

Prairie Land Online Academy Registrations are now closed for Semester One.

  Semester Two Registrations will open in November 2023.

Program Fees and Tuition

Alberta Residents

No Charge

        Non Alberta Residents (Canadian or International) and Students 20 years old or over on September 1, 2023

Grade 1- 9 

$5000 CAD per year

Grade 10-12 

$140.00 CAD per course credit

Online Credit Recovery Program

(Grade 10-12)

$225.00 CAD per course recovery module

$50.00 CAD Diploma Exam rewrite fee

Course Challenge

(Grade 10-12)

$250.00 CAD per course

Online Diploma Camps

$350.00 CAD per camp or

$600.00 for two camps

Payment of Fees and Tuition

Refund Policy