"It takes a special person to interact with the kids online and engage them. All the teachers I have met have truly succeeded with that." - Parent

Program Fees and Tuition

Alberta Residents

No Charge

        Non Alberta Residents (Canadian or International) and Students 20 years old or over on September 1, 2022

Grade 1- 9 

$5000 CAD per year

Grade 10-12 

$700.00 CAD per course

Online Credit Recovery Program

(Grade 10-12)

$225.00 CAD per course recovery module

$50.00 CAD Diploma Exam rewrite fee

Course Challenge

(Grade 10-12)

$250.00 CAD per course

Online Diploma Camps

$350.00 CAD per camp or

$600.00 for two camps

Payment of Fees and Tuition

Refund Policy