"It’s just the right amount of challenge and workload to keep her busy, but not overwhelmed, with minimal help needed from me. She’s making new friends and learning skills to help her in the future." - Parent



In our online learning program, students engage with their teachers in a structured learning environment. Students learn course content online, but that information is just part of their online learning experience. Students also build relationships with their classmates and teachers. This kind of connection is extra important for Online Learning.

Students enrolling in Prairie Land Online Academy will be part of an online learning group with an assigned online teacher. This learning format will include live online teacher instruction as well as directed activities and assignments that students will complete independently. 

Online instruction will cover all the required areas of the provincial curriculum. Teaching will focus on the core subject areas, with a reduced focus on complementary courses. 

Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning Explained

Live online teaching is known as synchronous learning–learning that happens at a specific time of the day when students and the teacher interact with each other. It’s similar to in-class instruction, but uses a virtual platform such as Google Meet.

Other learning activities that students complete independently are known as asynchronous learning–activities assigned by the teacher that students complete throughout the day, in addition to teacher instruction. This may include watching videos, writing on message boards or writing emails.

What Families Can Expect:

Prairie Land Online Academy has an experienced and understanding staff. We believe that students need to be part of a caring community in order to thrive in the online environment. We really get to know the students, their interests, hopes and dreams. Through our Dream Project, we know our students’ dreams and aspirations. This not only strengthens our relationships with students, but also allows us opportunities to link meaningful connections to daily lesson plans.  We have regular themes days, and student recognition events. 

Students need to be available to connect with their teacher every day. They will also be expected to complete asynchronous learning activities during times they are not engaged with the teacher. 

To support learning: