Prairie Land Academy offers a choice of either Live courses or Modular courses.

Both types are taught by experienced and engaging Alberta teachers who are available to help live one-on-one.

Live (Synchronous) Courses

Live courses involve attending live lessons online (between 1-2 hours per week), watching recorded lessons, and completing assignments. Live help and tutorial is available as needed.

  • Classes will begin on Tuesday, August 31

  • Students should be available daily during their scheduled Synchronous (live) learning time online

  • Synchronous learning - students will meet with the entire class, led by the online teacher for approximately 120 minutes of instruction each week, per course —additionally, students will have access to individual/small group instruction to support their learning.

  • Asynchronous learning - students will watch instructional videos daily and engage in learning activities and assignments.

Live Courses Semester 1 2021-2022

Semester 1:

English 10-1, English 10-2

Social 10-1, Social 10-2

Science 20, Physics 20, Chemistry 20, Biology 20, Science 24

Math 10-3, Math 30-1, Math 30-2

Social 30-1, Social 30-2

Phys Ed 20, Phys Ed 30

Art 20, Art 30


Live Courses Semester 2 2021-2022

Semester 2:

Math 10C, Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Math 20-3, Math 30-3

English 20-1, English 20-2

Social 20-1, Social 20-2

Science 10, Science 14, Science 30, Physics 30, Chemistry 30, Biology 30

English 30-1, English 30-2

Phys Ed 20, Phys Ed 30

Art 10

Modular (Asynchronous) Courses

Modular courses involve reading material and completing assignments on our Learning Management System. There is no scheduled class time. Live help and tutorial is available as needed.

Modular Courses 2021-2022

Phys Ed 10

Students can also enroll in:

Green Certificate

Registered Apprenticeship

Work Experience

Options Courses (See below)

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