Registrations for Summer School are now CLOSED.

Prairie Land Online Academy will be offering Summer School programming from July 2 - 26th, 2024.  

Summer School registration is now full with a waitlist and we will not be accepting any more registrations.  Thank you for your interest.

Students can take or re-take a course or get a head start on their high school year over the summer.  Summer school offerings will include most of the core courses with some CTS courses. Our summer courses are asynchronous or recorded so there will be no live classes and the course will be done at the student's pace – while fulfilling the requirements of the course deadline.

 Students will receive a link to our Canvas Management System where they will gain access to their course and assignments on July 2nd.

To register please click on the link below and in the school dropdown menu please choose:

 PLOA Summer School - "PLOAS"

Please be advised that a student may register for a maximum of 10 credits only over the course of the summer session.

To Register

  *If you are not 18+ your parent/guardian needs to create an account and fill out the registration, in full, on your behalf.

Payment of Fees and Tuition

Available Summer School Classes:


Social Studies 10-1 Full

Social Studies 10-2 Full

Social Studies 20-1 Full

Social Studies 20-2 Full

Social Studies 30-1 Full

Social Studies 30-2 Full

English Language Arts 10-1 Full

English Language Arts 10-2 Full

English Language Arts 20-1 Full

English Language Arts 20-2 Full

English Language Arts 30-1 Full

English Language Arts 30-2 Full

Biology 20 Full

Biology 30 Full

Chemistry 20 Full

 Chemistry 30 Full

Physics 20 Full

Physics 30 Full

Science 14 Full

Science 24 Full

Science 10 Full

Science 20 Full

Science 30 Full

Math 10C Full

Math 10-3 Full

Math 20-3 Full

Math 20-1 Full

Math 20-2 Full

Math 30-1 Full

Math 30-2 Full

CTS Courses

All Full


Workplace Safety (HCS3000, HCS3010, AGR3000)

General Sociology 20

General Psychology 20, Personal Psychology 20, Experimental Psychology 30

Forensics 25

Agriculture (AGR1040 Intro to Animal Basics, AGR2020 Animal Husbandry/Welfare)

Tourism (TOU1010 - Tourism Sector, TOU2060 - Travel Destinations I)

Wildlife (WLD1010 Intro to Wildlife, WLD1020 Wildlife Diversity, WLD1050 People, Culture & Wildlife Heritage, WLD2020 Diversity of Wildlife Values, WLD2040 Wildlife Spaces & Species)

Mechanics (MEC1040 Engine Fundamentals)

**Students that register after a course is full will be added to a waitlist.**

**Auto-Withdrawal Date for 5-Credit Summer Courses:  As summer school is an intensive session, if you are enrolled in a 5-credit summer course, please make sure that you have submitted coursework before Monday, July 8, 2024 at 9:00am MST. Failure to submit coursework by this time will result in automatic withdrawal from the course.**